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Hai~ Hello~

Why you here? cause im adding?

For sure if you from community, you must be mods. XD
I’m nadzsanz. Im_nadzirah In twitter, Nadzirah Kazunari in facebook, nadzmiya in certain place. Can call me nadzirah or nadz. Pray hard no one in RL will find me here. Haha.
 Since I have spot for sanzo from saiyuki anime which I cannot erase, I combine it with my name. He cool! Can’t forget the time when I’m madly in love with him and manage to snap his picture from tv using my sister phone. The quality is good. xD
Ah. This seem weird after i said no need to intro anymore in previous intro in lj. Haha.
More about me........


  • As for now still loving them 
  • Nino is my ichi, ohno is my ni, aiba san, sho yon an jun go
  • OTP Ohmiya and Sakuraiba. Can with Matsumiya. Other pairs, still learning
  • im peeking on them not truly updating.
  • I like shige like i like nino. That how it start.
  • How they revived while being 4 amazed me. That’s why I adore them.
  • Listen to their song. Like their music.
Making friends.
  • I’m welcoming but I’m restraining myself to add. If you think its worth. Add me :)
  • Fangirl ranting/ Personal ranting
Making post.
  • Even my English is worst.·        
  • Things, a card or small things. As it can fit in small package. Handmade. Cheap and cute. So, if im thinking about certain people, ill ask for address. Some I put things I don’t use in my stack. Usually photos. – Thinking of stopping doing this – Because I don’t know if people like it well because I can’t afford much. Even there certain people I want to give things, they got more things than I do – so I don’t know.

 About Me and Friend in my POV
  •   In fandom or rl. They can be nice and bad. Come and go. Can give you trust then kill it after.
  • There also friend I don’t think will be my friend but end up in my friend list.
  •   With friendship, I shouldn’t and wouldn’t take it easy as before.
  • I’m use to be ignore now. Age and experience are the factors. Not everything needs an answer. ( The answer inside of me... xD)
  •   Bad at massive conversation ex:line. So I’m being an observer.
  • Even I’m aware, I still thinking about them, - wonder what they doing, if everything ok – clinging? Worried much about other. Especially people I’ve talked. So I guess, even I don’t got a reply seeing them happy and still here, is fine for me even its hurt. t_t Pray the best for them.
Forgetful person
  • With/Without conversation -   Forget people name/how to call/Age /from where/ basic things.
  • I tend to forgot what had been talked about. So if in the conversation, the same things will be asked or talked or said like a déjà vu, just say- “you! We did talk about this!” XD
  •   In Other situation, I can completely remember certain person. Who nice, talked before, give advice, leaving, killing, blocking, and disappearing, first person I met, and fan I met and know.
  • Information I read usually lost along the way and even I read, reread and think I understand, actually I’m not? Wuhuhu. That something to do with my brain. Haha
  • I don’t know I can describe this but I think myself as one annoying person. I like to bugging /asking- and for some reason it can be confusing, weird and repeating.
  •   Annoying can be lots of reason, maybe because how I like to talk about things around, my feelings, me only and only me, and random delusional.
  • With unstable mood I can be scary. So beware.
  •   My way of thinking about things, people and animal can be different from others and doesn’t fit your way of thinking.
  • My way considering a joke. It’s a joke by me but people didn’t take it as joke, misunderstand and take it seriously. That makes me scary. And that person .(my post and I can say anything xD)
  • Holding grudge over matter.
  • My English.
Just want to be happy in fandom. It is very hard with unstable mood and feelings. I’m excited in the shorter timespan than before.
I’m not serious person. Most of the time, I laugh alone in my own way which I think crazy for normal people. Not very very good or very very nice person because I did  make people angry and do mistakes. In advance if I’m happens to hurt your feeling, before, now and after, in this post or anywhere, I’m apologizing for it.
I’m welcoming people. But think before you add.
I may add you first, but doesn’t mean you need to add me.

Lastly if people can stand with me, be my guess.
If not, just go away.
If to stalk, its ok.
If here to stalk, laugh and talk bad. Go die.( dont usually say this, but ..... :b)
Yoroshiku~ Love and Peace ~
Have  a nice day
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