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Kizoku Tantei

I thought I can never watch this drama . At first I thought kizoku tantei is like nazodi. Which kizoku will be investigate behind the scene and appear when needed. It also mean more voice and more aiba face in scenes. But it turns out that kizoku sama care so much for the woman which annoy me and do not appear much on the scenes.

Still who said I didn’t die watching those smile, smirking and gentle kizoku sama. I can die from happiness. xD

Thanks to lovely community, I able to watch and understand without need to wait for years. And I did get it from both nice people.  The one which is fast at updating and the other one who make me see the unseen.

(he is sulking cute!!!)

(bring me too Gozen sama! xD)

It turn out to be not so bad. I learn the butler, maid and chauffeur is amazing. In RL I bet they still amazing. That why they get the role ne.  With every reenactment in the crime scene, I happened to enjoy it in every episode. In 1st episode when i know that how the story is about, i complaining within myself. Haha.

Sato-san, I think I like him among them. he amazing. Running on a while listen to the nature? xD. And the last episode I watch is ep 5. Seem kizoku sama appear more than other episode. I love to see him more. Even he need to ask the cameraman how many cut left I love to see him more on screen. XD ( Ganbatte Aiba-san)

I don’t have much preference on drama. On my side, as long as I enjoy it, understand the story flow. Its enough. :)

Last but not least. I will keep updating this post if I want to post something/opinion/more about Kizoku tantei. At least I wont spam people tl? Haha.

Credit : office computer , mmm, axJ ( I hope ok using the caps ><)



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