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Hai. Im late!
and i just put everything and this is the result. XD

I read they doing surprise for nino in Waku-Waku Gakko.
Need to read more on this but Im happy for Nino ^_^
How i wish it be recorded and release. 
No waku-waku for years , their lesson is interesting, i hope they release a video this time.

Other than that, Manage to get the hairband. on NINO BIRTHDAY XD.
Wonder why no plastic.
My hand is cold after i come out from the store. xD
BTW, Bair Hair Turbans? It called that? Just G translate and its seem weird.

Then JJJ, found this. Not sure the trump card  contain everything.
And if you see, it already in bad state, trust me, when i open it, i make it worst XD
The Hair tie? Look nice. So i just grab it. Got the Sikat anyway. Hoho.

What a good and tired day. For sure, tomorrow and days ahead will be more busier for Raya.
And YES! i didnt send all the cards. Bet it will arrive after Raya. Gomen Friends.

Special Thanks to My sister for always help me fulfilling my desire. Though she sometimes complain. I'm grateful for that.

Jyaaa~~ Tata~


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