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Are You Happy? Review.

Super late Post.
People said review.
But what im doing is review?
Because Everything is biasness. Hahaha.


Are You Happy Documentary

The sudden blank annoys me. Shocked me and suddenly it’s differ story. I’m a person who needs to digest 5-10 sec to understand what happen. But its documentary so guess it supposed to be like that.

Also, I feel the evil is there when they cut the video while they talk, dance. It’s like fanfic writer who left the story hanging.  Tbh, will be more appreciate if they just let the documentary or whatever it called to be uncut. -> Greedy <- ( Like it will going to happen. Hahahaha)

So I decided to take a look a little closer in a brighter way.

Ninomiya Kazunari

The harassment happens at work. But I believe he still loved by everyone. (Who will hate him anyway?….)
The harassment is cute like the person who did it.

I believe there must counter attack from ohno.....


Like to see them on their own wardrobe. (love nino appearance the most on second thought- bias- demo i cant believe he look like someone who will kidnap person with that look on my first thought)

OhMiyAiba love

Or what ever they called.

  • The angry Jun and Aiba episode is adorable.

Ohno is there be by aiba side, while he just walk back and forth after throwing rubbish. And nino as cameraman. Sasuga Jun, when he see nino with camera, ohno and aiba. He must know there must be something.

I learn here, if you make mistake try approaching he/she with cautious. Praise what in front of you. Later, begin the talk. It’s a nice way of approaching because you can detect his/her mood.

  • After Work Drink

(The work didn’t yet finish?) Love aiba reaction when he sees Jun. Nino accuse the other force him drinking and Jun just smiling. Why they cut it?  aiba mochi for everyone. I want to see more of the video. Here Jun look like the youngest again. Though I think the 2nd youngest behave like a child.

It happen right. When people we talk suddenly appear somewhere around you. XD

I can’t leave without this.

I’m looking forward to the video contain this ot3 in the next concert Behind the scene.

Wondering if i can somehow see what angry Jun look like because if i remember correctly, i spotted 3 times they talked about angry J XD

If Jun with videos. I got the feeling Sho with photos. Is this his? It doesn't even have logo/watermark??? on it.  Treasure~
oh..sakuraiba :p

He always smiles. Except the one from manabu or shimura which he kinda serious, He always smiles.
Give me your strength Aiba-shi..

Glad the sakuraiba didnt stand like this in concert. Hahaha.

End. Talked to much?
Actually i cant stop xD
Even i always complaining, im aware, there effort behind this which im thankful for that.
Still i prefer making. Hahaha.

Are You Happy Concert

Favorite performance

Two to tango. Ohno choreo, Love the most. Maybe affected by watching Making. How professional he looks giving instruction. But it is really fun to watch. Love the part when they at the floor and slowly approaching sho and touch him. They having fun there. I love all the smile.

Just, I’m eww-ed at the lips part. Dirty...huhuhu

Since i cant talk about ohno solo performance, i think the change between his and this song is soo cool. He doesnt even take a break. Also his solo only do have intense dance steps. It fast. Ohno just awesome!~

Favorite Solo Performance.

Ninomiya Kazunari

He dances soo hard. Look so small because no much focus on him. Still adorable and cute! Maybe because of the lighting part of the stage and performance. But I like because I can see his steps. His white customs also perfect. When he moves, the cloth moves too. (what a weird way of explaining haha)

Sakurai Sho

At  first don’t like the background. But not bad after all. It changed.

Matsumoto Jun

I like the song and melody. I calm watching the performance. (No tearing the shirtxD)

Aiba Masaki

His performance entertaining. But I cant with the abs. haha.
( But I gradually watch it now :o to see the abs xD)

Ohno Satoshi

Didn’t watch performance. I don’t think I can like the song in 1-2 years. Wait for miracle like Shake it MJ.

Favorite Member Produce Performance.  

Honestly after I typed about sho, I can’t put Number anymore. All is my favorite!

Seshun Boogie - Aiba Masaki

I like the The beginning. His voice. awww my favorite. Keep on playing it. Cant get enough of it. But his own part is simple. Still love it. Yes first because of aiba voice at rehabilitation dojo xD. Nino look adorable. I like how aiba said nino,sho and J part the most. Also tsurino koihito is watching XD .


Love Ohmiya scene . Also the Yama Smile.

Miles Away - Ohno Satoshi

Self declare Ohmiya Song. >b
Quite simple. I love the harmony.
Everyone voice is nice.

The jelly fish .
First that come from my brain is jelly fish. And it does look alike! The color!
When i went to buy the headband i saw in one of restaurant have aquarium with jellyfish inside at the entrance.
The worker look scary so i didn't take a picture. huhu.

Wonder Love - Ninomiya Kazunari

Focusing on stage. Means, Less close up and they look small. But I like to see the dance movement, so its ok I guess.

Drive - Matsumoto Jun

Drive one my favorite song in single. I keep on repeating on my list.
Here,They just sit and relax. Still good.

The pen light makes me impressed. It does look like buildings ne.

To MY Homies - Sakurai Sho

I love this too. Now I don’t know where to put it in 1-5 list. Sakuraiba moment. The picture at the back. I guess the background I don’t like have a lot of specialties, it does feel like home?


Matsumiya love blossoming.

Ohmiya. Don’t know ohno also can attack.
Sakuraiba. Not enough love. Haha.
Juntoshi.Ohba. Junba.

Tired to put caps. I continue. Later. Hahahahahaa.


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