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By looking at this, i think i still a fan and maybe will be forever fan.
Nothing much change from the post i did before.
Lets see if it will increase or decrease.
This is my collection from the start i decided to buy things.*im poor,still...*
Some or most of them is something i got from good heart person.

Among all, i like t-shirt the most )
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Happy 32th Birthday Nino!

Getting older but stay younger!
May the start of today and days ahead fills
with a lot of  happiness.
Wishing your health in the best condition.
Hoping your money increasing day by day.
Thank You for everything!
Forever Ohmiya
Please more ohmiya love please.
Forever Arashi

So in love with this picture.
(c) to owner
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Selamat Pagi! << Lama tak guna Kot

Since 2012? 2013?
I put Mukai Osamu face.
But he already married last year? I just know today when i search for his face.
Dont feel right. adoring? over someone husband.

So here, Im just Wishing Mukai Osamu Happy 33rd Birthday!
(he had same age as sho and already married :/ and what if sho married and can i still fonding? and adoring? over him...?
um.. maybe i still can if they are arashi :b)

Not forgoting, Gosin. Happy 33rd Birthday!
Thai actor. Same age as both sho and mukai ? Umm..

Rarely know him or Mukai Osamu XD
At least Im glad sharing same birthday with them ngee.

I caught something in google.

Who's laura? 148 Birthday? Really? So i googled it.
She the author.
Ma.. I got one more people who had same Birthday Date with me :b
Ah... I dont feel right when i typed about no exist people at 1am ><

Lastly, Happy Birthday To Myself! << ucap kat diri sendiri XD

x )

For my 2nd Birthday Wish.
I want this person to be My Husband

Because my Ohmiya heart was broken when i saw papapic or rumors? about Juntoshi on plane?
How many percent is true, dont know... So, i just take lonely nino with me

edit: Its las vegas? with J.. also there pic on plane same? Dont know anymore. We shouldnt interrupt much
in their personal, but cant help ne~~ I dont know detail story... what a fan...
Look nino is really lonely...So, i just take lonely nino with me ..again..

[ profile] chackjayohno Thank You dear! You the first one to wish me. Like always, you the first wishing me. Thank You. Make sure, i give you something. ex: kiss?
Im gladly to take Lots of kissess from nino and sakuraiba Did you know about Juntoshi? Since you said nino only XD

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Hi! Lj! :b
How long Ive been away from Internet?
Last on saturday Night? Or Friday Night?
Ah~ I cant remember but it not even a month.
Already feeling Ive been away for long~~~~ time.


Happy Belated Birthday Sho-san! First arashi member birthday in year 2015!!
On Sunday, i keep remembering that day was your birthday but i cant push myself to do anything until today T_T.  I felt like bad Fan .
Just it can't be helped.
Like always Edited Picture.  Happy Belated Birthday Sakurai Sho! :)
I cant put -belated- there look ugly , so it just Happy 33th Birthday :b
Wishing you have a great health and happy always.
Oh! and Love aiba more ne.

- The picture not mine! It belong to beautiful heart at weibo.
- There 2 picture missing in the picture. I believe someone will notice what pic it is at least 1 one of it. XD
- Same wish every year for every member. But true, i want arashi member always be happy.
- No wont cut this.
- I know something wrong with the no. it rd not th. =
- already re-edit , still look the same?i guess there also rd lookes like th XD
- Haha. this show how special sho to me XD thousand time editing.xD

Second... )

Third... )

Fourth... )

Fifth... )

Sixth... )

Seventh... )

Eighth... )


Hope spell it right?
This pic adorable. Arashi and Aiba touching sho . hehehe.
At first, only arashi then, i saw sakuraiba. I am addicted to them but not my fault. I already cut it to put it here before i saw sakuraiba ><....Also consider this as yama too, ohno is close to sho. But what actually sho doing?
Im closing this post with this pic?

I guess not...

Tenth... )


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