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1. - Akatsuki - Ohno Satoshi

* The mp3 not mine but i dont know who should i credit to.
* I use mp3 and background only which i edit and search everywhere.
* Just doing the sub thing (Dont what it call).
* The timing is faster, so i can sing along.
* Might do it with concert video/PV.
* i cant do karaoke fancy one T_T
* Also cant do background fancy one T_T
* For self pleasure to remember the lyrics. still i cant remember the lyrics. xD
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Happy Anniversary Arashi! 

I couldnt express my words anymore but I feel thankful meeting this wonderful group. Thanks.

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 i think because it fails before.  hahahahaa

bought hd. i think i can accept it now and use it. If im not, dont know its ok or not.
transferring some unsort and unknown video because no space anymore in laptop. -_-
and its scary after transferring not much space left here.

lazy around because sis didnt want go out

jjj and got clearfile and what it is bandana?
i thought people buy it but no. its cute kissumai one.
also 24tshirt i bought without thinking if it fit me and 
i already have

realize i cut ohno hair in header. why i did that? the unedit picture have it.
will be troublesome to edit. depend on my mood if i do one.
or just leave it that way. sorry ohno. hahahaha.

and now dont wanna sleep cause tomorrow need to work T__T

btw, it nice listen to arashi for such long time.
shuuuh away sad problematic feeling.
hard when have complicated family.
problems cant be settle.
i think nothing will be change. 
ill pray. that only my way.

emmm.. i think there lot of arashi new song i didnt listen and know which is very good song.
depend on mood ...hohoho...


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