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No. I dont forget.
I remember the day before, on your birthday and today.
Isnt it enought? :b
Well i keep on wishing since 2011. haha
This need to be done~
Happy Birthday Shige~~ (no i wont put belated there :b)

He not even smiling? Yes. My bad of choosing pic. ><
Here one more. He  look cute and brighter ^__^

Ah because of photobucket, i dont know where to put my picture anymore.
Dont know this pic will be here when i come back or not.


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Hai. Im late!
and i just put everything and this is the result. XD

I read they doing surprise for nino in Waku-Waku Gakko.
Need to read more on this but Im happy for Nino ^_^
How i wish it be recorded and release. 
No waku-waku for years , their lesson is interesting, i hope they release a video this time.

Read more... )

Jyaaa~~ Tata~

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Im glad i found this picture or i wont be able to post today.
Happy Birthday SS

Please love aiba as your love for food ~ ><~

*cant help to said that~*
I want listen to his birthday story too~~please tell us something sho~~^^~~

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Sorry for my lateness ..
Happy Birthday Masaki!
You one of the reason, i can be strong.
Thank You.

As Always. Be happy with Sakurai Sho ne~ and Arashi~~~
Cant help with my delu2 thought. Hehehe
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Im late. Cant find a good time doing this or post anything related.
Later or Never~
Glad finishing it. :)

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Happy 33th Birthday Jun!
Have a great days and year ahead!
Continue being amazing as ever!
Hope you will get many drama role like the one you get for 99.9%

A plain text with gorgeous picture of Matsujun i have.
and the pic not mine :x
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Happy 29th Birthday Shigeaki Kato!
Im amazed myself how i choose you. green and similarities.
But you did have a lot of common in my eyes.
Even this cant reach you.
Please eat with your right hand :>
All the best for the upcoming days and year!

Just cant ignore this. They look alike.
Want more of this...

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very late!
But honestly i feel very happy and amazed with fan at twitter wishing Nino.
Hope he can see all that ne

Wish for all the best for you and all happiness be with you.

and for your happiness,
i alsways trust ohno on that not just for his stomach but also love #deludelu.. xD

pic not mine :b
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I got a very unexpected birthday present. >////<
I scold her for giving me a cushion at first, before i turn it and saw the pic!
since she became so obsess with cushion in my opinion.
She bought one and put it in her car-which usually i used to hug-sleep in way to the office.
Then last week she bought another purple one and now i know the other cushion she bought last
time is for this.This come with the cushion though. She didnt know.
Im such a very bad person ><
My sister Being sooooooo cute~
And dear to me are ★★★★★★★★★★ sister!
Thank You sooooooo Much!!!
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Happy 34th Birthday Sakurai sho.
Wish the best! Today, tomorrow, day after, everyday!

This is very plain, things start to be plain. >///<
And i cant believe myself i still thought sho birthday on 23 =_=!
Well, i hope for special celebration from my otp
Thus, this is born......


Dont kill me with this, just happen it pop up in my mind. xD )


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Happy 32th Birthday Nino!

Getting older but stay younger!
May the start of today and days ahead fills
with a lot of  happiness.
Wishing your health in the best condition.
Hoping your money increasing day by day.
Thank You for everything!
Forever Ohmiya
Please more ohmiya love please.
Forever Arashi

So in love with this picture.
(c) to owner
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Selamat Pagi! << Lama tak guna Kot

Since 2012? 2013?
I put Mukai Osamu face.
But he already married last year? I just know today when i search for his face.
Dont feel right. adoring? over someone husband.

So here, Im just Wishing Mukai Osamu Happy 33rd Birthday!
(he had same age as sho and already married :/ and what if sho married and can i still fonding? and adoring? over him...?
um.. maybe i still can if they are arashi :b)

Not forgoting, Gosin. Happy 33rd Birthday!
Thai actor. Same age as both sho and mukai ? Umm..

Rarely know him or Mukai Osamu XD
At least Im glad sharing same birthday with them ngee.

I caught something in google.

Who's laura? 148 Birthday? Really? So i googled it.
She the author.
Ma.. I got one more people who had same Birthday Date with me :b
Ah... I dont feel right when i typed about no exist people at 1am ><

Lastly, Happy Birthday To Myself! << ucap kat diri sendiri XD

x )

For my 2nd Birthday Wish.
I want this person to be My Husband

Because my Ohmiya heart was broken when i saw papapic or rumors? about Juntoshi on plane?
How many percent is true, dont know... So, i just take lonely nino with me

edit: Its las vegas? with J.. also there pic on plane same? Dont know anymore. We shouldnt interrupt much
in their personal, but cant help ne~~ I dont know detail story... what a fan...
Look nino is really lonely...So, i just take lonely nino with me ..again..

[ profile] chackjayohno Thank You dear! You the first one to wish me. Like always, you the first wishing me. Thank You. Make sure, i give you something. ex: kiss?
Im gladly to take Lots of kissess from nino and sakuraiba Did you know about Juntoshi? Since you said nino only XD

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Hi! Lj! :b
How long Ive been away from Internet?
Last on saturday Night? Or Friday Night?
Ah~ I cant remember but it not even a month.
Already feeling Ive been away for long~~~~ time.


Happy Belated Birthday Sho-san! First arashi member birthday in year 2015!!
On Sunday, i keep remembering that day was your birthday but i cant push myself to do anything until today T_T.  I felt like bad Fan .
Just it can't be helped.
Like always Edited Picture.  Happy Belated Birthday Sakurai Sho! :)
I cant put -belated- there look ugly , so it just Happy 33th Birthday :b
Wishing you have a great health and happy always.
Oh! and Love aiba more ne.

- The picture not mine! It belong to beautiful heart at weibo.
- There 2 picture missing in the picture. I believe someone will notice what pic it is at least 1 one of it. XD
- Same wish every year for every member. But true, i want arashi member always be happy.
- No wont cut this.
- I know something wrong with the no. it rd not th. =
- already re-edit , still look the same?i guess there also rd lookes like th XD
- Haha. this show how special sho to me XD thousand time editing.xD

Second... )

Third... )

Fourth... )

Fifth... )

Sixth... )

Seventh... )

Eighth... )


Hope spell it right?
This pic adorable. Arashi and Aiba touching sho . hehehe.
At first, only arashi then, i saw sakuraiba. I am addicted to them but not my fault. I already cut it to put it here before i saw sakuraiba ><....Also consider this as yama too, ohno is close to sho. But what actually sho doing?
Im closing this post with this pic?

I guess not...

Tenth... )
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No im not forgot your Birthday Aiba-shi.
Just i dont have internet yesterday T_T
Happy Belated Birthday Aiba-chan.
How i can forgot it when i thinking about you the most this year.
- crazy about sakuraiba fic.
- crazy over your face in mag
- crazy to know lastest udate about you.
- crazy to see your mistakes
Even when i incredibly hurt, just watching your smiling face, make me happy and cured.
You nearly taking nino place, but lucky i can restrain myself.
When nino still my ichiban, i want you to stay as you are. Sometimes changing doesnt needed to make things perfect ;)

Happy 32th Birthday Aiba Masaki!
Keep Smiling As Always :)

It just me? or i saw aiba being quiet year by year? I know he should be like that ....but it no fun.. he did restraining himself right? from doing idiot things..I dont know, just feeling. :b I dont know. But i did wish someone can throw him party since he did talk it alot right? Hahaha. Poor him. Not he doesnt have friends but i see his friend is all important person. Hope i can hear any good news about this..

As for closing part, aiba-chan please always take care your husband . Hihihi.

nearly come to the end of year >//<
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Thinking im graduated- remembering the birthday- i think i fail.
I still got confuse, between ohno and sakuraiba.
But if im not mistaken, last year i remember it well.
Happy 34 th Birthday!!
Only this year saw more of your true self. Hawaii is miracle.
Also, You awesome. More than i expected.
Always love quiet and humble you

Like always hoping And, Ohmiya Forever! xD

*Its today! Your birthday! Even i scheduled the entry i made mistake with the date, so i need to re-post this on the right day.. XD

Happy birthday Riida!!!

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Happy Birthday Jun!
( I know it belated, but for certain country it still 30? :>)
Like always, better late than never!
No. It is not because of im jealous of junba/matsumiya/most of it because of juntoshi fic. Maybe there is. but...
Sorry J. It just i unable to online at the right time.
But still ok right? Hehehe...

jun..jun..jun )Oh~ so much release for Jun-pon Birthday... I need a new notepad!
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Ya ho~
i made this for [ profile] paanaplayground.
(Maybe because i paste link? it marked as spam xD.. I dont know..
Also i don't know it open or already finish xD)

Due  cheap handphone i have, i cant catch a good pic ><
This is the best angle i can get!
In color of background was green. How come it become this ==!
But the pen is blue though :b


Actually the finishing picture are this xD
It more fun that way. hahaha


Can you guess what pic i draw? xD
Hideous right? xD

My definition of shige-kun!
A person born with an angel and devil side, didn't intention to kill but always making girl pass out.

It happen to me though , just that reason.hahaha. I also not really understand about it .kekeke. Bad while reading and writing words.

Once again~ Happy Birthday shige!! ^________^
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Once a year, this post will come out! xD
This is my 3rd Year.
I can't stop myself from being happy~
Still i don't know much about shige.
Because i choose to become silent lover. hahaha.

So, Happy Birthday my LOVE!! xD
Hope you job increase~ have a happy life ~ smile always!

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love and many wonderful days with your friend that will cherish in all the days ahead. Another year older and you are perfect just the way you are.
Take a day off to celebrate you birthday. (Did you have a day off today?)
Tell people you are younger. (You are younger than arashi ojisan xD)
And Have a great, great day~

*I just copy this from site. They were great ~ :b


The pic! credit to inala! She hate i put ugly mark on her pic. right?
She nice sharing this~You can get her beautiful scan from her :)
I wish i could be heavy fan >< even as arashi fan i failed
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Otanjoubi Omedetou Ninomiya Kazunari san~

Wishing you a Thousand more happiness from this point of your life. May you always be happy. - Get a nice woman to yourself and have a great family ? (not i really care if you stuck with ohno the rest of your life)-. Hope you have fun working with member like always and please do torture and love ohno more, like before. (I miss it) Also, may your income this year onward increase.

I know i cant change you~ But i like to see if you can eat with you right hand. Im impress you can used both of your hand. Just this part , i dont really like. (I will scold my near 1 old niece if she hold food and eat with left hand ). It not a big deal anyway to you. It will be my pleasure if you can hear what i want. I will put this in your birthday wish every year. Haha.

Wish - For my self - I want to see you - :b
also your mother. hehe.

お誕生日おめでとう 二宮 和也 ^____^

Josei Seven (4) - Copy

Ne~ Tell me,
I want to know, how you will spending you birthday.

- Have a nice rest with gaming spirit at home?
- Training your muscle? xD
- Go out with the staff/ Celebrating it with the staff? With all cake , Birthday wish and stuff? :b
- Oh! Together with Ohno? (my bad imagination controlling me xD)
- This is a must ne? Getting all wishes from all the member? Wish one is the 1st? Sakurai? Masaki?Jun?~~Satoshi?

Tell me!!

My editing skill suck as always -_-
I realized i dont download much magazine.
So, im not encounter with any picture i like except this.
The picture i chose soooooooo~ cute! The angle was Just right! Right? Right?Right?Right?Right?Right?Right? i bet you all love it!xD


Josei Seven (7) - Copy

Why aimiya? Because they are perfect bestfriend!
Ohmiya were rare item . hahaha.
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I got notification!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kirameki_mei
Happy be friend with you~
Have  a great day!

p/s: i cant find any better pic. Sorry it not 5 of them :b that dew attract me. :D... you older than me? :v


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