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Heard about this, but first time experience. Listen it happen around village. But this first time for our house. This like season. There also news about pocong but Ya Allah please avoid me from them. 

My house never been invaded. First victim is my mother, 1-2 months ago  but we thought she misplace the money, second is my father which happen last week and when he said,  it confirm not because of misplace. Last victim is my sister, last week also. Some Rm 1s but she remembers. She just take money from bank in the morning, at home she put the RM 1s aside and keep the rest of money inside her back pocket. When she wanna buy food for me, it’s gone. Not blaming people in the house causes the elements of search and put it back nicely isn’t there, and we not going anywhere, inside the house. If it is family members, things should happen years ago.

Damn this person. If he/she working, why still doing harms to other for own good. People earn the money. Who know what challenges we have to face in workplace? I don’t think I lost some. I don’t know maybe because I hung the gintama one at my wallet. xD  I don’t even remember how much my money. So I collect every place I remember I put the money and keep it in bank.

Some hours later, only some left inside my bank.  This is because toyol i bought mumon ticket. xD

 Better than I leave it to the culprit and enjoy my money. I also can’t get good sleep because I keep on thinking that THING. Urgh >:(

Im going to spam.
In advance, Sorry if i disturb your TL. m(_ _)m
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i need to wake up early in morning after full week wake up late. huhuhu

at same time excited.
i didnt sleep today. stay at living room. waiting for people to come, but none.
why when i wait they didnt come???

anyway manage to save precious picture from bucket while i wait
delete the folder i already take.
still gif left. maybe continue tomorrow i hope. cause need to do, one by one.

for save keep ill just re-up to facebook 1st.
let see what i can do.

for reup project.
i need to wait for new quota on 16. >////<
it reach yellow line now.
And i still didnt dl last week shiyagare and vsa.... also, pv, making, single, and music day >////<
just if  there some left, ill continue re-up. hope its ok.

Im shivering when i read the reply.
Not wrong. True.
Really appreciate the help.
Thank You.

did anyone share tsunagu booklet?
dont see any around....

and what now...?
nothing for now. hahaha.
let sleep.

Good Night.
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Hai. Im late!
and i just put everything and this is the result. XD

I read they doing surprise for nino in Waku-Waku Gakko.
Need to read more on this but Im happy for Nino ^_^
How i wish it be recorded and release. 
No waku-waku for years , their lesson is interesting, i hope they release a video this time.

Read more... )

Jyaaa~~ Tata~


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