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 i think because it fails before.  hahahahaa

bought hd. i think i can accept it now and use it. If im not, dont know its ok or not.
transferring some unsort and unknown video because no space anymore in laptop. -_-
and its scary after transferring not much space left here.

lazy around because sis didnt want go out

jjj and got clearfile and what it is bandana?
i thought people buy it but no. its cute kissumai one.
also 24tshirt i bought without thinking if it fit me and 
i already have

realize i cut ohno hair in header. why i did that? the unedit picture have it.
will be troublesome to edit. depend on my mood if i do one.
or just leave it that way. sorry ohno. hahahaha.

and now dont wanna sleep cause tomorrow need to work T__T

btw, it nice listen to arashi for such long time.
shuuuh away sad problematic feeling.
hard when have complicated family.
problems cant be settle.
i think nothing will be change. 
ill pray. that only my way.

emmm.. i think there lot of arashi new song i didnt listen and know which is very good song.
depend on mood ...hohoho...
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I got a very unexpected birthday present. >////<
I scold her for giving me a cushion at first, before i turn it and saw the pic!
since she became so obsess with cushion in my opinion.
She bought one and put it in her car-which usually i used to hug-sleep in way to the office.
Then last week she bought another purple one and now i know the other cushion she bought last
time is for this.This come with the cushion though. She didnt know.
Im such a very bad person ><
My sister Being sooooooo cute~
And dear to me are ★★★★★★★★★★ sister!
Thank You sooooooo Much!!!
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Selamat Pagi! << Lama tak guna Kot

Since 2012? 2013?
I put Mukai Osamu face.
But he already married last year? I just know today when i search for his face.
Dont feel right. adoring? over someone husband.

So here, Im just Wishing Mukai Osamu Happy 33rd Birthday!
(he had same age as sho and already married :/ and what if sho married and can i still fonding? and adoring? over him...?
um.. maybe i still can if they are arashi :b)

Not forgoting, Gosin. Happy 33rd Birthday!
Thai actor. Same age as both sho and mukai ? Umm..

Rarely know him or Mukai Osamu XD
At least Im glad sharing same birthday with them ngee.

I caught something in google.

Who's laura? 148 Birthday? Really? So i googled it.
She the author.
Ma.. I got one more people who had same Birthday Date with me :b
Ah... I dont feel right when i typed about no exist people at 1am ><

Lastly, Happy Birthday To Myself! << ucap kat diri sendiri XD

x )

For my 2nd Birthday Wish.
I want this person to be My Husband

Because my Ohmiya heart was broken when i saw papapic or rumors? about Juntoshi on plane?
How many percent is true, dont know... So, i just take lonely nino with me

edit: Its las vegas? with J.. also there pic on plane same? Dont know anymore. We shouldnt interrupt much
in their personal, but cant help ne~~ I dont know detail story... what a fan...
Look nino is really lonely...So, i just take lonely nino with me ..again..

[ profile] chackjayohno Thank You dear! You the first one to wish me. Like always, you the first wishing me. Thank You. Make sure, i give you something. ex: kiss?
Im gladly to take Lots of kissess from nino and sakuraiba Did you know about Juntoshi? Since you said nino only XD

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On sho birthday, ive been drag by my sis to sea.
Seriously lazy to go and you know how annoy and boring i can be if i dont have heart to do it.
Still i have a small journey.

Pt 1 )
Part 2 )
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will it be weird if i dedicate this to myself? xD

I want Somebody! Yeah!.. )


Sep. 5th, 2012 08:43 pm
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Since i didnt post here~ i need to re-post here no matter what!

yes! you are my star dayo~



everytime me dream~ always come to sad ending
but then! for the 1st time, i feel really happy when i dream about them
Dos person come to my dream and make my day wonderful~!ureshiiiiiii
is this the sign~


credit to weibo~ i love the gif..kawai desu ne...


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