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Im glad i found this picture or i wont be able to post today.
Happy Birthday SS

Please love aiba as your love for food ~ ><~

*cant help to said that~*
I want listen to his birthday story too~~please tell us something sho~~^^~~

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No im not forgot your Birthday Aiba-shi.
Just i dont have internet yesterday T_T
Happy Belated Birthday Aiba-chan.
How i can forgot it when i thinking about you the most this year.
- crazy about sakuraiba fic.
- crazy over your face in mag
- crazy to know lastest udate about you.
- crazy to see your mistakes
Even when i incredibly hurt, just watching your smiling face, make me happy and cured.
You nearly taking nino place, but lucky i can restrain myself.
When nino still my ichiban, i want you to stay as you are. Sometimes changing doesnt needed to make things perfect ;)

Happy 32th Birthday Aiba Masaki!
Keep Smiling As Always :)

It just me? or i saw aiba being quiet year by year? I know he should be like that ....but it no fun.. he did restraining himself right? from doing idiot things..I dont know, just feeling. :b I dont know. But i did wish someone can throw him party since he did talk it alot right? Hahaha. Poor him. Not he doesnt have friends but i see his friend is all important person. Hope i can hear any good news about this..

As for closing part, aiba-chan please always take care your husband . Hihihi.

nearly come to the end of year >//<


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