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Im glad i found this picture or i wont be able to post today.
Happy Birthday SS

Please love aiba as your love for food ~ ><~

*cant help to said that~*
I want listen to his birthday story too~~please tell us something sho~~^^~~

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Happy 34th Birthday Sakurai sho.
Wish the best! Today, tomorrow, day after, everyday!

This is very plain, things start to be plain. >///<
And i cant believe myself i still thought sho birthday on 23 =_=!
Well, i hope for special celebration from my otp
Thus, this is born......


Dont kill me with this, just happen it pop up in my mind. xD )


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Hi! Lj! :b
How long Ive been away from Internet?
Last on saturday Night? Or Friday Night?
Ah~ I cant remember but it not even a month.
Already feeling Ive been away for long~~~~ time.


Happy Belated Birthday Sho-san! First arashi member birthday in year 2015!!
On Sunday, i keep remembering that day was your birthday but i cant push myself to do anything until today T_T.  I felt like bad Fan .
Just it can't be helped.
Like always Edited Picture.  Happy Belated Birthday Sakurai Sho! :)
I cant put -belated- there look ugly , so it just Happy 33th Birthday :b
Wishing you have a great health and happy always.
Oh! and Love aiba more ne.

- The picture not mine! It belong to beautiful heart at weibo.
- There 2 picture missing in the picture. I believe someone will notice what pic it is at least 1 one of it. XD
- Same wish every year for every member. But true, i want arashi member always be happy.
- No wont cut this.
- I know something wrong with the no. it rd not th. =
- already re-edit , still look the same?i guess there also rd lookes like th XD
- Haha. this show how special sho to me XD thousand time editing.xD

Second... )

Third... )

Fourth... )

Fifth... )

Sixth... )

Seventh... )

Eighth... )


Hope spell it right?
This pic adorable. Arashi and Aiba touching sho . hehehe.
At first, only arashi then, i saw sakuraiba. I am addicted to them but not my fault. I already cut it to put it here before i saw sakuraiba ><....Also consider this as yama too, ohno is close to sho. But what actually sho doing?
Im closing this post with this pic?

I guess not...

Tenth... )
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On sho birthday, ive been drag by my sis to sea.
Seriously lazy to go and you know how annoy and boring i can be if i dont have heart to do it.
Still i have a small journey.

Pt 1 )
Part 2 )
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Advance happy birthday sho-chan!
32 Otanjoubi Omedetou!

Wishing you 1000 Happiness :D

I want to know which arashi member send you message first.
Tell us later =p.
(seem this message dont reach you. :b)

Ill edit this post later when i have proper internet xv with pic and stuff
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Done this for year but still the simple one~

better than nothing~ haha..

Once again, Happy Birthda

Eh..just realize! it 31st birthday? X

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wah~  our fail keio talkative spice tongue newscaster birthday ~
hope it not too late..
me not just good in editing or making the "sugoi pic"
but please accept this : x)

At last i can post it \\(⌒▽⌒) //


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