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While waiting for the dl mag to edit for J's Birthday. Let me blabbing about Today. 

Last day of work.

  • Take a leave today. So i just went to Office to say goodbye. While going around , end up 30m++ there teaching staff that will be continuing my career. lol. Im bad at explaining so, my boss the one that do the explanation.   
  • While say sorry, there this sister kinda have high level position which we did have argument before, end up argue but still end well. Hahaha. 
  • Meet at the Big big boss, He say good, but i didnt say goodbye to him. too scared.   The account and hr did advice me to come back but well, the acc person said the salary for new and old not change much , so well you know  
  • My boss is the best. She give me a gift  , also there this sister give me perfume . They nice to me 
  • I dont know  how well i did but this something new to me. The feel meeting people that you never think care and they send you with encouraging words. I wish i can be somehow like them. Cause im avoiding this to prevent me from crying ><
  • Insyallah, Ill do my Best!
Paradigm - Mumon 2 

Settle at the office went to pay traffic summons at post office. Means walking from office Laman Seri to Giant  Took around 30 mins? Hurm im not calculating how long it took, so i dont know. 

Wait for the Bus After i decided to watch mumon. Took Around 50 mins waiting for the Bus!! The way to lrt glenmarie not more than 30m i guess.  At the LRT. Im proudly took the one to putra height. Next station i arrived feel so weird cause i thought it the right one . Thanks MIRA for the guide    Take another LRT to Gombak , Arrive at Kelana Jaya and Took Rapid Bus, Cause i dont see the free one. -_- But the bus man really nice to me.  

Arrived at paradigm. i walk for 5 mins. Inside, im LOST again. wakakaka. I dont see the big ... big.. tony. tony right? i cant find the booths walk and at last found it. i want to buy the tix with rm 25 but they not open the booth, or lunch? So leave me no choice to just bought the ticket at price 30. It already 1 pm dayo  AT GSC meet wan n sensei. 

I enjoy the movie this time. It more fun to watch. i dont know why. I can say im immerse in the movie. At the chinen part, it really hearbreaking T_T ( *hug him) Then MY PHONE RING. WTH. I still cant forgot how panic i was. First i wonder who phone ring. Then its mine with annoying sound - it not even tsunagu . My phone always in silent mode, i know people wont call me. I just put it in vibrate after i arrive at kelana jaya in case my sis call - i thought her at first  . i did check it. I dint understand why its ringing. That is why i hate to put my phone in vibrate or ringing mode.  Silent is the best! That kill all my mood. Totally. It hard to go back to the movie. Still im glad i did. But kuyashiiii !!! 

Then i know who the culprit. Perfect time to call ne. But well XL for me. Cause i pay RM 150 

Insyallah I want to go tomorrow but let see. If my budget and time and friend go. Ill go. 
Maybe watch for the last one. Without interruption from my phone.

Things i dont want Happen. Already Happen.
So, For Today. hontouni Sumimasen deshita 


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