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Sorry for my lateness ..
Happy Birthday Masaki!
You one of the reason, i can be strong.
Thank You.

As Always. Be happy with Sakurai Sho ne~ and Arashi~~~
Cant help with my delu2 thought. Hehehe
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Im late. Cant find a good time doing this or post anything related.
Later or Never~
Glad finishing it. :)

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Happy 33th Birthday Jun!
Have a great days and year ahead!
Continue being amazing as ever!
Hope you will get many drama role like the one you get for 99.9%

A plain text with gorgeous picture of Matsujun i have.
and the pic not mine :x
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Happy 29th Birthday Shigeaki Kato!
Im amazed myself how i choose you. green and similarities.
But you did have a lot of common in my eyes.
Even this cant reach you.
Please eat with your right hand :>
All the best for the upcoming days and year!

Just cant ignore this. They look alike.
Want more of this...

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very late!
But honestly i feel very happy and amazed with fan at twitter wishing Nino.
Hope he can see all that ne

Wish for all the best for you and all happiness be with you.

and for your happiness,
i alsways trust ohno on that not just for his stomach but also love #deludelu.. xD

pic not mine :b
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I got a very unexpected birthday present. >////<
I scold her for giving me a cushion at first, before i turn it and saw the pic!
since she became so obsess with cushion in my opinion.
She bought one and put it in her car-which usually i used to hug-sleep in way to the office.
Then last week she bought another purple one and now i know the other cushion she bought last
time is for this.This come with the cushion though. She didnt know.
Im such a very bad person ><
My sister Being sooooooo cute~
And dear to me are ★★★★★★★★★★ sister!
Thank You sooooooo Much!!!
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Happy 34th Birthday Sakurai sho.
Wish the best! Today, tomorrow, day after, everyday!

This is very plain, things start to be plain. >///<
And i cant believe myself i still thought sho birthday on 23 =_=!
Well, i hope for special celebration from my otp
Thus, this is born......


Dont kill me with this, just happen it pop up in my mind. xD )



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