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Hai~ Hello~

Why you here? cause im adding?

For sure if you from community, you must be mods. XD
I’m nadzsanz. Im_nadzirah In twitter, Nadzirah Kazunari in facebook, nadzmiya in certain place. Can call me nadzirah or nadz. Pray hard no one in RL will find me here. Haha.
 Since I have spot for sanzo from saiyuki anime which I cannot erase, I combine it with my name. He cool! Can’t forget the time when I’m madly in love with him and manage to snap his picture from tv using my sister phone. The quality is good. xD
Ah. This seem weird after i said no need to intro anymore in previous intro in lj. Haha.

Lastly if people can stand with me, be my guess.
If not, just go away.
If to stalk, its ok.
If here to stalk, laugh and talk bad. Go die.( dont usually say this, but ..... :b)
Yoroshiku~ Love and Peace ~
Have  a nice day
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1. - Akatsuki - Ohno Satoshi

* The mp3 not mine but i dont know who should i credit to.
* I use mp3 and background only which i edit and search everywhere.
* Just doing the sub thing (Dont what it call).
* The timing is faster, so i can sing along.
* Might do it with concert video/PV.
* i cant do karaoke fancy one T_T
* Also cant do background fancy one T_T
* For self pleasure to remember the lyrics. still i cant remember the lyrics. xD
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Happy Anniversary Arashi! 

I couldnt express my words anymore but I feel thankful meeting this wonderful group. Thanks.

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While waiting for the dl mag to edit for J's Birthday. Let me blabbing about Today. 

Last day of work.

  • Take a leave today. So i just went to Office to say goodbye. While going around , end up 30m++ there teaching staff that will be continuing my career. lol. Im bad at explaining so, my boss the one that do the explanation.   
  • While say sorry, there this sister kinda have high level position which we did have argument before, end up argue but still end well. Hahaha. 
  • Meet at the Big big boss, He say good, but i didnt say goodbye to him. too scared.   The account and hr did advice me to come back but well, the acc person said the salary for new and old not change much , so well you know  
  • My boss is the best. She give me a gift  , also there this sister give me perfume . They nice to me 
  • I dont know  how well i did but this something new to me. The feel meeting people that you never think care and they send you with encouraging words. I wish i can be somehow like them. Cause im avoiding this to prevent me from crying ><
  • Insyallah, Ill do my Best!
Paradigm - Mumon 2 

Settle at the office went to pay traffic summons at post office. Means walking from office Laman Seri to Giant  Took around 30 mins? Hurm im not calculating how long it took, so i dont know. 

Wait for the Bus After i decided to watch mumon. Took Around 50 mins waiting for the Bus!! The way to lrt glenmarie not more than 30m i guess.  At the LRT. Im proudly took the one to putra height. Next station i arrived feel so weird cause i thought it the right one . Thanks MIRA for the guide    Take another LRT to Gombak , Arrive at Kelana Jaya and Took Rapid Bus, Cause i dont see the free one. -_- But the bus man really nice to me.  

Arrived at paradigm. i walk for 5 mins. Inside, im LOST again. wakakaka. I dont see the big ... big.. tony. tony right? i cant find the booths walk and at last found it. i want to buy the tix with rm 25 but they not open the booth, or lunch? So leave me no choice to just bought the ticket at price 30. It already 1 pm dayo  AT GSC meet wan n sensei. 

I enjoy the movie this time. It more fun to watch. i dont know why. I can say im immerse in the movie. At the chinen part, it really hearbreaking T_T ( *hug him) Then MY PHONE RING. WTH. I still cant forgot how panic i was. First i wonder who phone ring. Then its mine with annoying sound - it not even tsunagu . My phone always in silent mode, i know people wont call me. I just put it in vibrate after i arrive at kelana jaya in case my sis call - i thought her at first  . i did check it. I dint understand why its ringing. That is why i hate to put my phone in vibrate or ringing mode.  Silent is the best! That kill all my mood. Totally. It hard to go back to the movie. Still im glad i did. But kuyashiiii !!! 

Then i know who the culprit. Perfect time to call ne. But well XL for me. Cause i pay RM 150 

Insyallah I want to go tomorrow but let see. If my budget and time and friend go. Ill go. 
Maybe watch for the last one. Without interruption from my phone.

Things i dont want Happen. Already Happen.
So, For Today. hontouni Sumimasen deshita 
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Heard about this, but first time experience. Listen it happen around village. But this first time for our house. This like season. There also news about pocong but Ya Allah please avoid me from them. 

My house never been invaded. First victim is my mother, 1-2 months ago  but we thought she misplace the money, second is my father which happen last week and when he said,  it confirm not because of misplace. Last victim is my sister, last week also. Some Rm 1s but she remembers. She just take money from bank in the morning, at home she put the RM 1s aside and keep the rest of money inside her back pocket. When she wanna buy food for me, it’s gone. Not blaming people in the house causes the elements of search and put it back nicely isn’t there, and we not going anywhere, inside the house. If it is family members, things should happen years ago.

Damn this person. If he/she working, why still doing harms to other for own good. People earn the money. Who know what challenges we have to face in workplace? I don’t think I lost some. I don’t know maybe because I hung the gintama one at my wallet. xD  I don’t even remember how much my money. So I collect every place I remember I put the money and keep it in bank.

Some hours later, only some left inside my bank.  This is because toyol i bought mumon ticket. xD

 Better than I leave it to the culprit and enjoy my money. I also can’t get good sleep because I keep on thinking that THING. Urgh >:(

Im going to spam.
In advance, Sorry if i disturb your TL. m(_ _)m
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Im late and nothing special to post. T__T
7 years. I hope at least got notification and picture so i can put it here.
Many things happen and this year, All my pic gone with hideous photobucket logo also
many People migrating to DW no sure how many but yeah wont here be lonely? With all this i hope i still can withstand and still have my lj for nth of year. Here in Dw but it wont be the same.
Once again, Happy 7th Anniversary. please keep being alive.

*feel weird wishing this..xD*

#047 - Ah!

Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:19 pm
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cant stand with my hair and cut it.
decide to be aiba style this time
but then i realize i cut it the wrong way. xD
if it not comfortable for me i just cut it shorter -_-!
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Naik Mrt.
wuhehehe. mmg murah setengah harga.
tp bajet jalan tu melebihi dah. wuhuhu.
takpe la. ade rezeki ade je kan.

2 jam jgk nk smpi kajang. jauh T_T
bile tgok kiri kanan bnyk rumah je
tapi potensi kawasan akan membangun besar.

org kg kan. ade bas lrt pg trus stesyen dah cukup suke dah.
tgok budak2 kg pon ske je naik bas XD

this maybe a feeling for those who living in city
ade bnyk transport awam
senang nk open dgn dunia luar
boleh berdikari
jumpe dengan orang luar...

harap bukan memudarat tp memberi kebaikan
kat semua.
dulu mmg ssh klu nk g kl.
sekarang best. :b

mcm biasa jalan je. tapi xbeli ape2.
duit habis xD
tu yg mls klua rmh....
pg klcc xde plak cover arashi mag. adeh..

besok insyallah pesta buku.
then next... kerja T_T
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No. I dont forget.
I remember the day before, on your birthday and today.
Isnt it enought? :b
Well i keep on wishing since 2011. haha
This need to be done~
Happy Birthday Shige~~ (no i wont put belated there :b)

He not even smiling? Yes. My bad of choosing pic. ><
Here one more. He  look cute and brighter ^__^

Ah because of photobucket, i dont know where to put my picture anymore.
Dont know this pic will be here when i come back or not.


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┃ ┃



┃   ┃
┃ O┃
┃ n┃
┃ e┃
┃   ┃
┃ L┃
┃ o┃
┃ v┃
┃ e┃

I try. Hope the meaning not running from what i mean. ~_~
Correct me if im wrong.

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i need to wake up early in morning after full week wake up late. huhuhu

at same time excited.
i didnt sleep today. stay at living room. waiting for people to come, but none.
why when i wait they didnt come???

anyway manage to save precious picture from bucket while i wait
delete the folder i already take.
still gif left. maybe continue tomorrow i hope. cause need to do, one by one.

for save keep ill just re-up to facebook 1st.
let see what i can do.

for reup project.
i need to wait for new quota on 16. >////<
it reach yellow line now.
And i still didnt dl last week shiyagare and vsa.... also, pv, making, single, and music day >////<
just if  there some left, ill continue re-up. hope its ok.

Im shivering when i read the reply.
Not wrong. True.
Really appreciate the help.
Thank You.

did anyone share tsunagu booklet?
dont see any around....

and what now...?
nothing for now. hahaha.
let sleep.

Good Night.

#040 - yeah

Jul. 1st, 2017 11:07 am
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still ok for today on dw.
when the picture gone on dw.
ill delete my account there.
atm try to download what i re-dl from there. Huhuhuhu

my  bad...the rest is gone. Hahaha.
Well let just download and if im not lazy, i edit the post.
or just delete the picture part.
but definitely reedit the birthday post, still when im free.

photobucket goodbye~
still need to find a good site to store my photos, doko?

Waaaaaaa... stressed for days....
will this end for me?
hope not.

did have desire to have umbrella, file and charm... ><
despite my horrible state.
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I just know it today and yup. Everything is gone.
No wonder i see the weirdness happen around.
If they going to do that. Better start from the start.
As for now. the pic in dw still ok. Matter of time it turn to the hideous one.
Also toooo much pic if i want to transfer and edit.
Let see what will my mood said and see if im not lazy to do all of it.
or i just delete the picture or post.
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Wake up.



wakeup - lit bit talking - eat


Wake-up -Make a post. Feel tired.

And now

Wanna Sleep.

My Holiday walk away just like that.
Not even watching PV or Making. Too lazy to dl.
Not stalking Weibo that much and Twitter, only thismorning.

Just stay at my room.
going out if needed. eat/drink
and there people come raya and i dont realize.
Ha.. what happen to me this year -_-.....

The only way, i can get out from my room is when i plug the hdmi cable to tv and watch arashi stuff
but that will prevent family member to watch any raya drama/movie...cant be selfish...

That all. Selamat hari raya ke-4 dan esokSelamat Hari Raya ke-5.
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Are You Happy? Review.

Super late Post.
People said review.
But what im doing is review?
Because Everything is biasness. Hahaha.



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May This Raya Be Source Of Immerse Blessing

May Millions Of Lamps Illuminate You And Your Family With Joy

May Allah Bless You And Your Family Days Weeks Months And Years

With Happiness Prosperity Contentment Love And Peace


Eid Mubarak To Everyone who celebrate. Specially to my beloved friend here.:)
I Pray that Me, My family and Us will meet Ramadhan again Next Year. ^^


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Hai. Im late!
and i just put everything and this is the result. XD

I read they doing surprise for nino in Waku-Waku Gakko.
Need to read more on this but Im happy for Nino ^_^
How i wish it be recorded and release. 
No waku-waku for years , their lesson is interesting, i hope they release a video this time.

Read more... )

Jyaaa~~ Tata~

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Kizoku Tantei

I thought I can never watch this drama . At first I thought kizoku tantei is like nazodi. Which kizoku will be investigate behind the scene and appear when needed. It also mean more voice and more aiba face in scenes. But it turns out that kizoku sama care so much for the woman which annoy me and do not appear much on the scenes.

Still who said I didn’t die watching those smile, smirking and gentle kizoku sama. I can die from happiness. xD

Thanks to lovely community, I able to watch and understand without need to wait for years. And I did get it from both nice people.  The one which is fast at updating and the other one who make me see the unseen.

(he is sulking cute!!!)

(bring me too Gozen sama! xD)

It turn out to be not so bad. I learn the butler, maid and chauffeur is amazing. In RL I bet they still amazing. That why they get the role ne.  With every reenactment in the crime scene, I happened to enjoy it in every episode. In 1st episode when i know that how the story is about, i complaining within myself. Haha.

Sato-san, I think I like him among them. he amazing. Running on a while listen to the nature? xD. And the last episode I watch is ep 5. Seem kizoku sama appear more than other episode. I love to see him more. Even he need to ask the cameraman how many cut left I love to see him more on screen. XD ( Ganbatte Aiba-san)

I don’t have much preference on drama. On my side, as long as I enjoy it, understand the story flow. Its enough. :)

Last but not least. I will keep updating this post if I want to post something/opinion/more about Kizoku tantei. At least I wont spam people tl? Haha.

Credit : office computer , mmm, axJ ( I hope ok using the caps ><)


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 i think because it fails before.  hahahahaa

bought hd. i think i can accept it now and use it. If im not, dont know its ok or not.
transferring some unsort and unknown video because no space anymore in laptop. -_-
and its scary after transferring not much space left here.

lazy around because sis didnt want go out

jjj and got clearfile and what it is bandana?
i thought people buy it but no. its cute kissumai one.
also 24tshirt i bought without thinking if it fit me and 
i already have

realize i cut ohno hair in header. why i did that? the unedit picture have it.
will be troublesome to edit. depend on my mood if i do one.
or just leave it that way. sorry ohno. hahahaha.

and now dont wanna sleep cause tomorrow need to work T__T

btw, it nice listen to arashi for such long time.
shuuuh away sad problematic feeling.
hard when have complicated family.
problems cant be settle.
i think nothing will be change. 
ill pray. that only my way.

emmm.. i think there lot of arashi new song i didnt listen and know which is very good song.
depend on mood ...hohoho...


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