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Hai. Im late!
and i just put everything and this is the result. XD

I read they doing surprise for nino in Waku-Waku Gakko.
Need to read more on this but Im happy for Nino ^_^
How i wish it be recorded and release. 
No waku-waku for years , their lesson is interesting, i hope they release a video this time.

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Jyaaa~~ Tata~

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very late!
But honestly i feel very happy and amazed with fan at twitter wishing Nino.
Hope he can see all that ne

Wish for all the best for you and all happiness be with you.

and for your happiness,
i alsways trust ohno on that not just for his stomach but also love #deludelu.. xD

pic not mine :b
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Happy 32th Birthday Nino!

Getting older but stay younger!
May the start of today and days ahead fills
with a lot of  happiness.
Wishing your health in the best condition.
Hoping your money increasing day by day.
Thank You for everything!
Forever Ohmiya
Please more ohmiya love please.
Forever Arashi

So in love with this picture.
(c) to owner
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Otanjoubi Omedetou Ninomiya Kazunari san~

Wishing you a Thousand more happiness from this point of your life. May you always be happy. - Get a nice woman to yourself and have a great family ? (not i really care if you stuck with ohno the rest of your life)-. Hope you have fun working with member like always and please do torture and love ohno more, like before. (I miss it) Also, may your income this year onward increase.

I know i cant change you~ But i like to see if you can eat with you right hand. Im impress you can used both of your hand. Just this part , i dont really like. (I will scold my near 1 old niece if she hold food and eat with left hand ). It not a big deal anyway to you. It will be my pleasure if you can hear what i want. I will put this in your birthday wish every year. Haha.

Wish - For my self - I want to see you - :b
also your mother. hehe.

お誕生日おめでとう 二宮 和也 ^____^

Josei Seven (4) - Copy

Ne~ Tell me,
I want to know, how you will spending you birthday.

- Have a nice rest with gaming spirit at home?
- Training your muscle? xD
- Go out with the staff/ Celebrating it with the staff? With all cake , Birthday wish and stuff? :b
- Oh! Together with Ohno? (my bad imagination controlling me xD)
- This is a must ne? Getting all wishes from all the member? Wish one is the 1st? Sakurai? Masaki?Jun?~~Satoshi?

Tell me!!

My editing skill suck as always -_-
I realized i dont download much magazine.
So, im not encounter with any picture i like except this.
The picture i chose soooooooo~ cute! The angle was Just right! Right? Right?Right?Right?Right?Right?Right? i bet you all love it!xD


Josei Seven (7) - Copy

Why aimiya? Because they are perfect bestfriend!
Ohmiya were rare item . hahaha.
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i am really happy to know you ...
Forever 17 )

next should be picture edit! ihope i can make it on nino birthday ...busy! ><...

yatta completed!!! ^____^

very like this pic xD

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It nino birthday~!!!!!!!!




Happy nino birthday ^____________^ )



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